subMidi Marine System
MIDI Marine System

Horizontal gels offer many advantages for nucleic acid separation, It was a primary tool for the life sciences. Horizontal electrophoresis systems is more economical and easier to use.
  • UV-transparent gel trays with fluorescent ruler and offers convenient gel handling and viewing
  • Combs to fit virtually every need: Multichannel pipettes compatible and preparative combs
  • Easy-to-replace electrode cassettes
  • Foolproof engineering design ensures correct installation of electrode

    Technical Specification
  • Dimensions: 300(L)x165(W)x80(H)mm
  • Max.Buffer Volume: 650ml
  • Gel Bed Dimensions: 12x12ml
  • Max. Voltage Limit: 300V/DC
  • Max. Power Limit: 60Watte
  • Gel tray(W?L): 12?12cm;12?6cm;6?12cm;6?6cm
  • Tray freely combines
  • Molded polycarbonate
  • Transparent
  • Gel caster
  • Sample throughput: 6~18
  • Base buffer volume: 650ml
  • Compatibility with multichannel pipets
  • Fluorescent ruler
  • Over striking platinum
  • Easy-to-replace electrode cassette
  • Replaceable banana plug
  • Tray with flange
  • Uncap dump
  • Restrict position
  • Oak models the power line

    Packing List
  • UV-transparent gel tray, size 12x12 cm
  • UV-transparent gel tray, size 12(W)x6(L)cm
  • UV-transparent gel tray, size 6(W)x12(L)cm
  • UV-transparent gel tray, size 6x6cm
  • Standard 0.75 mm multi-format wide double-side comb- Type 8+11/18
  • Standard 1.50 mm multi-format wide double-side comb- Type 8+8/18
  • Multi-channel-pipette compatible 0.75 mm multi-formal wide double-side comb- Type 6+6/13
  • Multi-channel-pipette compatible 1.50 mm multi-formal wide double-side comb- Type 1(1)+6/13
  • Electrical cables
  • Anode (red) electrode cassette
  • Cathode (black) electrode cassette
  • Gel caster
  • Banana plug
  • Buffer chamber
  • Safety Lid