SKU: Easy-PRO4
Mini Easy Vertical Electrophoresis Cell


  • Equivalent to Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN® Tetra Cell #1658001
  • 1-4 piece(s) of manual gel or premixed gel is (are) available, 4 pieces of gel electrophoresis can be made within 1 hour.
  • The design of sliding wedge avoids liquid leakage caused by rotary side traditionally.
  • The streamline design of holder of gel making is of good image; The press-to-lock design avoids the gel leakage caused by aging or poor function of spring traditionally.
  • The press-to-lock mechanism of gel-casting cassette functions better;
  • The contrasting design clearly reflects the making process of separated gel, which avoid the vogue vision caused by frame-hollow-craved design.
  • Being equipped with 4 independent gel-cast frame and casting 4 gels simultaneously Sealing spacer is glued to the long glass to ensure the accurate aligning and avoid the gel leakage.
  • The comb with side teeth and inner-built ridge are isolated from air to avoid the polymerization reaction of inhibition glue.
  • Easy to read the gauged glass plate and clearly marked The thickness of glass is increased by sealing spacer and not easy to be broke.
  • New-developed electrophoresis core, gel-making holder are patented 


  • Gel thickness: 1.0mm(standard), Option: 0.75mm, 1.5mm
  • Glass plate: 101mm x 83mm
  • Gel area: 83mm x 73mm
  • Comb fit: 1.0mm 10 wells & 15 wells (standard), Option: 0.75mm 10 wells & 15 wells; Option: 1.5mm 10 wells & 15 wells
  • Dimension: 180x130x160mm
  • Precast gel: Compatible with BIO-RAD, PIERCE, Invitrogen