SKU: Power-300-1645050
Basic Electrophorese Power Supply 10-300V with voltage 10-300V,current:1-400mA; 75W


  • Equivalent to the Bio-Rad PowerPac™ Basic Power Supply #1645050
  • Output: Automatic switch between constant voltage and constant current
  • Safety: Automatic monitor of over-voltage, voltaic arc, no load, sudden change of load, overload, and short circuit
  • Leakage protection, function of pause
  • LCD readable voltage, current, time set. 4-group parallel connection with multi-electrophoresis apparatus


  • Output range: voltage 10-300V, Current:1-400mA;75 W
  • Sensitive limit: voltage 1V, current:1mA
  • Display mode:192×64LCD
  • Time set:1min–99h59min
  • Dimension:308x242x100mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 8 lbs