SKU: SE3000
Azzota® Single Beam Scanning Stand-Alone UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, SE3000
SE3000 Single Beam Scanning Stand-Alone UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

SE3000 is advanced single beam scanning UV-VIS spectrophotometers which consist of 5 models. Each model has a different bandwidth and wavelength accuracy. All have built-in software, and provides excellent performance for measurements in clinical lab, pharmaceutical and biochemical applications as well as routine applications such as quantitative analysis, kinetics, wavelength scanning, multiple components and DNA/protein analysis.

Built-in software offers

  • Basic Mode: Absorbance, Transmittance or Concentration measurements
  • Quantitative: establish or use stored calibration equation to measure the concentration of unknown samples
  • Wavelength Scan: spectrum scan of sample at any selected wavelength range with choices of scanning speed and wavelength interval
  • Kinetics: measurement of absorbance change vs. time with reaction rate calculation function
  • Multi-Wavelength: measurement at multiple wavelengths to analyze and determine the composition of the mixtures
  • DNA/Protein: calculation of concentration and DNA purity. Ratio at other wavelengths can be measured.
  • The comprehensive features, sophisticated and powerful software, the variety of accessories and model configurations will meet or exceed your expectations in performance and value.

    Features of Spectrophotometer

  • Fixed or variable slits (bandwidths)
  • Sealed and solvent-resistant tactile keypad with alpha-numeric entry for user file names and user entry of units
  • Pre-aligned deuterium lamp for easy lamp replacement. Lamp usage and the status of the lamps can be monitored.
  • Powerful built-in software including sophisticated utility programs
  • Full print-out of graphs and tables of results with popular printers, such as HP or Epson DeskJet
  • Real-time clock for date and time stamping of results
  • Data Download-to-PC software for stand-alone models (Model SE3000PC)

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