-86°C undercounter Ultra Low Freezer For Laboratory&Medical, UL Certification, 110V/60Hz
-86°C undercounter Ultra Low Freezer For Laboratory&Medical, UL Certification, 110V/60Hz -86°C undercounter Ultra Low Freezer For Laboratory&Medical, UL Certification, 110V/60Hz

 -86°C ultra-low temperature small freezer is an under-counter deep freezer for laboratory and medical grade. Auto-cascade Cooling system

This ultra-low deep freezer is equipped with high-precision temperature control, ensuring temperature uniformity in the cabinet with a range of -40°C to -86°C.

The targeted refrigeration of the deep freezer enables fast refrigeration. It is designed to be human-oriented, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly. It can safely store laboratory research materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, and more.

This medical / laboratory deep freezer is suitable for blood banks, health and disease prevention systems, hospitals, colleges & universities, research institutions, the electronic industry, laboratories in colleges & universities, biological engineering, military enterprises, deep-sea fishing companies, etc.

High-precision Temperature Control System The -86°C ultra-low-temperature freezer comes with a microprocessor-based temperature control system, which enables you to set the temperature inside the cabinet freely in the range of -40°C ~ -86°C. The system ensures a controlling precision of 1°C.

Powerful Refrigeration System A Small deep freezer has adopted a second compressor and famous EMB fan, which are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The sizeable finned condenser with a space between fins less and equal to 2mm provides effective heat dissipation.  

Effective Thermal Insulation System  This mini deep freezer is equipped with VIP Plus vacuum insulation foaming door with seal. The six sides of the cabinet are made from high-performance vacuum insulation materials, which can improve thermal insulation performance.

Audible and Visual Alarm System The Lab deep freezer has perfect audible and visual alarm systems, including sensor failure alarms, high & low-temperature alarms, power failure alarms, door open alarms, etc. It has turn-on delay and stopping interval protection features, ensuring reliable operation.


-86℃ Ultra-low Temperature Freezer
Model DW-HL100
Cabinet type Upright
Capacity 3.5cu.ft/100L
Internal size(W*D*H)inch/mm 17.7*17.7*20.2/450*450*514
External size(W*D*H)inch/mm 42.0*29.2*32.3/1066*742*820
Package size(W*D*H)inch/mm 48.4*34.0*39.0/1230*863*991
NW/GW(Kgs) 131/175(wood packing)
Temperature range -40~-86℃
Ambient temperature 16-32℃
Cooling performance -86℃
Climate class N
Controller Microprocessor
Display Digital display
Compressor 1pc
Cooling method Direct cooling
Defrost mode Manual
Refrigerant Mixture gas
Insulation thickness(mm) L:90, R:115, B:91.5
External material Cold rolled steel 
Inner material Stainless steel
Shelves 1(stainless steel)
Door lock with key Yes
External lock Yes
Access port 1pc. Ø 25 mm
Casters 4
Data logging/Interval/Memory capacity USB/Record every 10 minutes /100,000 data
Backup battery Yes
Temperature High/Low temperature, High ambient temperature
Electrical Power failure, Low battery
System Sensor failure, Communication error, Built-in data logger USB failure, Condenser overheating alarm, Door ajar
Standard RS485, Remote alarm contact
Options CO2 backup system