-86°C Cascade Cooling System Ultra Low Freezer Freezer For Laboratory And Medical,UL CERTIFICATION
-86°C Cascade Cooling System Ultra Low Freezer Freezer For Laboratory And Medical,UL CERTIFICATION -86°C Cascade Cooling System Ultra Low Freezer Freezer For Laboratory And Medical,UL CERTIFICATION

M-Cascade system ULT freezer consists of two stages cascade cooling technology with absolute hydrocarbon refrigerant, which are R290 and R170 as natural gas. The inverter compressors are programmed to help energy saving under long period preservation or provide fast temperature recovery while frequently door open to maintain the specimen's liveness.


Two-stage Cascade & Variable Frequency Drive Refrigeration

High-efficiency frequency conversion compressors enable the operating power to be automatically adjusted according to the heat load, making the equipment energy-saving.


Applicable to Various Power Supply Environments

It can work normally under various power supply environments such as 110V60Hz, 220V50Hz, 220V60Hz, etc.


Stable Internal Temperature

Standard SECOP compressors maintain a stable -86℃ ultra low temperature environment, that increases efficient sample storage.


Excellent Thermal Insulation Performance

The design of foam inner doors, built-in vacuum insulation board, and triple independent silicone sealing strip design make the insulation performance excellent.


· Ergonomic handle, smooth track, and high precision pressure relief valve make it easier to open and close the door;

· 3 division plates are equipped inside to divide the storage area into 4 layers for convenient sample placement; 2 internal doors are also equipped to reduce frosting caused by door opening;

· Stainless steel (SUS304) as the internal material, is durable and easy-to-clean;

· Equipped with 4 heavy casters and 2 balancing feet for easy movement and fixation of the equipment.


-86℃ Ultra-low Temperature Freezer
Model DW-HL528S
Capacity(L) 528/18.68cu.ft
Internal size(W*D*H)mm/Inch 585*696*1286/ 23.0*27.4*49.8
External size(W*D*H)mm/Inch

930*1041*1947/ 36.6*41.0*76.7

Package size(W*D*H)mm/Inch 1035*1165*2158/ 40.7*45.9*85.0
NW/GW(Kgs) 260/350(wood packing)
Temperature range -40~-86℃
Ambient temperature 16-32℃
Cooling performance -86℃
Climate class N
Controller Microprocessor
Display 10‘’HD Intelligent touch screen
Compressor 2pcs
Cooling method Direct cooling
Defrost mode Manual
Refrigerant High stage: R290, Low stage: R170
Insulation thickness(mm) L/R:130,B:130
External material

Cold rolled steel 

Inner material Stainless steel
Shelves 3(stainless steel)
Access port 2pc. Ø 25 mm
Casters 4+(2 leveling feet)
Data Logging/Interval/Memory capacity USB/Record every 5 minutes / 10 years
Backup battery Yes
Temperature High/Low temperature, High ambient temperature
Electrical Power failure, Low battery, Battery power detection failure
System Sensor failure, Communication error, Condenser overheating, Door ajar
Freezer rack model ZKML304-552B-CT
Freezer rack/box (quantity) 16/400