-86°C Cascade Cooling System Ultra Low Freezer Freezer For Laboratory And Medical,UL CERTIFICATION
-86°C Cascade Cooling System Ultra Low Freezer Freezer For Laboratory And Medical,UL CERTIFICATION -86°C Cascade Cooling System Ultra Low Freezer Freezer For Laboratory And Medical,UL CERTIFICATION

M-Cascade system ULT freezer consists of two-stage cascade cooling technology with absolute hydrocarbon refrigerants, R290 and R170, as natural gas. The inverter compressors are programmed to help save energy during long-term preservation or provide fast temperature recovery while frequently opening the door to maintain the specimen's liveness.


Two-stage Cascade & Variable Frequency Drive Refrigeration

High-efficiency frequency conversion compressors enable the operating power to be automatically adjusted according to the heat load, making the equipment energy-saving.


Applicable to Various Power Supply Environments

It can work typically under various power supply environments such as 110V60Hz, 220V50Hz, 220V60Hz, etc.


Stable Internal Temperature

Standard SECOP compressors maintain a stable -86℃ ultra-low temperature environment, increasing efficient sample storage.


Excellent Thermal Insulation Performance

The design of foam inner doors, built-in vacuum insulation board, and triple independent silicone sealing strip design make the insulation performance excellent.


· Ergonomic handle, smooth track, and high precision pressure relief valve make it easier to open and close the door;

· 3 division plates are equipped inside to divide the storage area into four layers for convenient sample placement; 2 internal doors are also equipped to reduce frosting caused by door opening;

· Stainless steel (SUS304) as the internal material is durable and easy to clean;

· Equipped with four heavy casters and two balancing feet for easy movement and fixation of the equipment.


-86℃ Ultra-low Temperature Freezer
Model DW-HL528S
Capacity(L) 528/18.68cu.ft
Internal size(W*D*H)mm/Inch 585*696*1286/ 23.0*27.4*49.8
External size(W*D*H)mm/Inch

930*1041*1947/ 36.6*41.0*76.7

Package size(W*D*H)mm/Inch 1035*1165*2158/ 40.7*45.9*85.0
NW/GW(Kgs) 260/350(wood packing)
Temperature range -40~-86℃
Ambient temperature 16-32℃
Cooling performance -86℃
Climate class N
Controller Microprocessor
Display 10‘’HD Intelligent touch screen
Compressor 2pcs
Cooling method Direct cooling
Defrost mode Manual
Refrigerant High stage: R290, Low stage: R170
Insulation thickness(mm) L/R:130,B:130
External material

Cold rolled steel 

Inner material Stainless steel
Shelves 3(stainless steel)
Access port 2pc. Ø 25 mm
Casters 4+(2 leveling feet)
Data Logging/Interval/Memory capacity USB/Record every 5 minutes / 10 years
Backup battery Yes
Temperature High/Low temperature, High ambient temperature
Electrical Power failure, Low battery, Battery power detection failure
System Sensor failure, Communication error, Condenser overheating, Door ajar
Freezer rack model ZKML304-552B-CT
Freezer rack/box (quantity) 16/400