SKU: Tygon-TB14-25
Tygon® 2475 high-purity polyolefin tubing, 25 ft

Tygon® 2475 high-purity polyolefin tubing is designed and manufactured for use in analytical grade fluid transfer and dispensing applications. It is the ideal peristaltic pump tubing to meet the most stringent purity (plasticizer-free and silicone-free) requirements.

Maintaining fluid integrity during transfer is critical in pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. Loss of fluid through migration into the tubing walls can cause inconsistencies in final product results. Tygon® 2475 High-Purity Tubing is hydrophobic, resists the absorption/adsorption of aqueous fluids and provides a high level of purity not previously available in any clear, flexible tubing. In addition, it is entirely free of plasticizers and is ideally suited for use in many sensitive cell culture and fermentation applications.


  • Sterile filling and dispensing
  • Laboratory diagnostic equipment
  • Laboratory analytical instruments
  • Cell and tissue culture transport
  • Infusion sets for parenterals and drugs


  • Exceptionally low adsorption
  • Broad chemical resistance including alcohol and ketones
  • Smooth inner surface
  • Highly resistant to aggressive cleaners and sanitizers
  • Environmentally safe to dispose

    Regulatory compliance

  • USP Class VI
  • Master File with the U.S. FDA
  • FDA criteria

    Sterilization Method

  • Gas — Ethylene Oxide
  • Radiation — Gamma and E-beam up to 2.5 MRad

    Saint-Gobain tubing material is not intended for use as an implant material under any circumstances.