Microfluidic Reservoir Kit with 50ml Tubes, 2 Ports

The air-tight reservoir kit allows the pressurization of standard lab tubes for microfluidic applications. 

The kit includes a microfluidic adapter that allows the use of Nest/Falcon tubes in microfluidic systems. It uses standard 1/4”-28 fittings, interfaced with any pressure source. It's so easy and convenient to build a reusable microfluidic reservoir system. Different versions are available: 1.5/2ml, 15 mL, and 50 mL Falcon, and 100ml (or larger volume) bottles with GL45 thread.

2 port version kit includes 

  1. (1x) 50 mL Falcon/Nest tube microfluidic adapter with two 1/4"-28 threaded ports.
  2. (2x) 50 mL Falcon/Nest tubes (tube brand is randomly picked up).

Note:  1/4"-28 fittings or microfluidic tubing are NOT included