SKU: GS-Recharge
Gamma-Scout Brand Geiger Counter, Rechargeable Model
  • Geiger Counter Gamma-Scout Rechargeable Version - Hand Held Radiation Detector
  • Measures alpha, beta, gamma and x-ray radiation uses industry leading LND712 sensor.
  • Gamma sensitivity 1000cpm/mR/hr referenced to Co-60.
  • Calibrated scale 0.01 µSv/h up to 1000.00 µSv/h or 1µR/h to 100mR/h
  • Ultra low power usage resulting in decades long battery life (very infrequent recharges needed)
  • Cumulative dose feature, PC download feature

    The Gamma-Scout Rechargeable Version is a best-in-class German-made hand-held radiation detector or geiger counter. It is a general purpose survey meter for measuring and detecting ionizing radiation. Use it to: - Determine the source of radiation leakages - Monitor ambient radiation anomalies - Monitor personal cumulative dose exposure - Detect radioactive elements in metal scrap - Check rocks from the earth for radioactivity - Teach or learn about radioactivity