SKU: A2190-Blue-S
Azzota® Small Cryogenic Storage Vials, 2.0ml, Low Temperature Vials with color Caps, 100/pk
  • -90C, 2.0ml, inside diameter 9.8mm, the outside diameter 12.3mm, height 46.5mm
  • low temperature vials are designed for storing and transporting specimens at very low temperatures.
  • Made of nontoxic polypropylene that is specially formulated for use at low temperatures.
  • The vials are transparent enough to see the sample stored in the vial.
  • The threads are molded on the exterior of the vial, leaving the interior smooth for easy sample extraction.
  • The interior bottom is conical for maximum sample recovery while the exterior bottom is flat so that the vials will stand up on their own.
  • The bottom skirt that forms the flat exterior bottom is ribbed to give your wet fingers grip for easily screwing the cap on and off.
  • The vials are designed for use with the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen freezing.
  • Each vial has molded graduations at 0.5 ml increments.
  • A label area is molded in for easy writing with a pencil or felt tip pen.
  • The unique threaded cap has a molded-in sealing ring which assures a tight, leakproof seal without the need of a washer.
  • The screw caps are included and are available in colors of blue, red, green, yellow and white.
  • Including tubes and caps. Each bulk pack contains 100 tubes and caps.
  • Gamma Radiation sterilized packs are also available. Please contact us for Price (The sterilized packs are supplied as 1 sealed bags of 100 tubes and caps.)