Automatic Polarimeter +/-45 LCD

The Automatic Polarimeter (AP-45-LCD) measures samples easily by setting the observation tube (filled with a liquid sample) in the sample chamber and pressing start. The AP-45-LCD is generally used in pharmaceutical, perfume, cosmetic, industrial, chemical, and food factories. It's best for measuring the angle of rotation. In addition, it has a built-in International Sugar and Purity Scale. 

- Measurement range: -45° to +45°, -120° to +120°Z
- Accuracy: (0.005° + measuring value x 0.03%)
- Accuracy: (0.015°Z + measuring value x 0.03%)
- Minimum indicating value: 0.001°, 0.01°Z
- Repeatability: sample transmittance?1%, 0.002(0.006Z)
- Display: LCD
- Light Source: LED (2.4V, 1W, 5000hours)
- Operation Wavelength: 589.3nm
- Length of Test Tube (100mm and 200mm): 1 each
- Shipping Weight: 83 lbs
- Shipping Dimensions: 33x20x20 inch


  • The instrument does not need to be warmed up
  • Measures specific rotation, optical rotation, sugar degree, and concentration
  • Automatic six repetition-measurement and calculation of average value and means square root
  • The sample chamber keeps a constant temperature to decrease the potential temperature heating effects on measurements.
  • Measures dark-colored samples
  • USB port