SKU: MiniSpin-7K
Mini Centrifuge 6000rpn (6K) comes with two microtubes rotor
  • High Speed: 7000rpm (2600Xg)
  • Silent
  • Plug-and-run, can reach 7000rpm in 5 seconds!
  • Safety stop when lid is open
  • Comes with Two microtubes rotor will fit 2.0ml or 1.5ml or 0.5ml or 0.2ml tubes
  • 8 position Rotor for 8x2.0ml, 8x1.5ml, 8x0.5ml, 8x0.2ml tubes
  • 32 position Rotor for 0.2ml PCR tubes
  • Dimensions: 180x170x120mm
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs