SKU: BM3000A
BM3000 Advanced Biological Microscope - A PL4X/0.10, PL10X/0.25, PL40X/0.65(Spring), PL100X/1.25(Spring)
The BM3000 series biological microscope is equipped with plan achromatic objectives and wide-field eyepieces. It provides a clear image, a wide field of view, convenient operation, and many other features. The BM3000 can be used for biology, medicine, industrial uses, etc. It is the ideal instrument for medical treatment, demonstrations, and scientific research.

    • Wide field eyepieces and achromatic objectives, the field of view is wide and clear.
    • Coaxial coarse / fine focus system, with tension adjustable and limit stopper, minimum division of fine focusing: 2?m.
    • Plan Achromatic Objectives: PL4X/0.10, PL10X/0.25, PL40X/0.65(Spring), PL100X/1.25(Spring)
    • Microscope Nosepiece Quadruple (4 holes)
    • Infinity optical system, facility polarize unit and LED illumination are available.
    • A phase contrast unit is available, which includes a phase contrast condenser, phase contrast objective, and centering telescope.
    • Photography eyepiece, digital camera, video camera, CCD adapter, and digital camera adapter are available.
    • Shipping weight: 19 lbs / 8.6 kg Shipping size: 14x10.6x20 inch / 360x270x500 mm