ULTiMA DUO - 200
  • DUO Water Purification System

    The DUO system is a dual system consisting of a RO system and an UP system. It can produce pure water (RO) and ultra pure water (UP).


  • Input water quality check
  • Automated self check
  • Easy connection
  • Easy maintenance
  • Pretreatment filters
  • Alarm and notice function
  • Easy cartridge (RO Pack & UP Pack) replacement
  • Easy to use and takes up very little space
  • Economical and efficient
  • Low noise level


  • Water level detection
  • Automatic self test during working
  • Real time water quality check (RO, UP)
  • Easy to switch between RO and UP
  • Automated RO membrane washing
  • Automated alarm for filter replacement
  • Filter life time "%" notice
  • Real time temperature check
  • Real time UV lamp check
  • Real time input water pressure check


    RO: Chemical, washing water, aseptic experiment, process water

    UP: Analytical instruments, HPLC, LC/MS, GC/MS, AAS, ICP, life science and semi-conductive lab