SKU: ICP parts
ICP Consumables
  • ICP torches
  • ICP spray chambers
  • A-Type, C-Type, and K-Type Concentric ICP Nebulizer
  • Glass and quartz material available 
  • Pricing is based on the make and model
  • Available for: Agilent, Baird, GBC Scientific, GV Instruments, Horiba - Jobin Yvon, LECO, Leeman, Nu Instruments, Perkin Elmer, Shimadzu, SII NanoTechnology Inc., Spectro, Thermo (ARL), Thermo (Finnigan), Thermo (TJA), Thermo (VG), Varian
  • Parts can be viewed HERE for pricing
  • Email us the ICP make and model for more info (Consumables pictures preferred)