SKU: NiGen M132A
Nitrogen Generator - NiGen LCMS 32.1 safe and efficient laboratory nitrogen generator
  • Safe, compact and efficient laboratory nitrogen generator
  • Stable and reliable hollow fiber membrane gas separation technology
  • More economical?more cheaper operating life costs
  • Built in compressor without external air supply
  • The latest compressor, 8000 hours maintenance free, reduce noise or vibration
  • One button on / off, easy to operate, easy to use
  • Small size, convenient laboratory space, save space
  • Simple installation, easy maintenance
  • Output Nitrogen Gas(L/min): 32L/min
  • Output pressure: 100psi / 6.9bar
  • Gas generation technology: MEM
  • Nitrogen dew point: -65°C /-85°F
  • Nitrogen Purity 92%-95%
  • DxWxH(mm): 760x500x735mm
  • Power: 110V±10% 16A 60Hz
  • Weight: 150 lbs
  • Application: Compatible with most LCMS
  • Certification/ Remarks: CE
  • Free shipping and installation!
  • One Year Warranty
  • Download Nitrogen Generator Brochure