SKU: ST-201
5 Digit Animals Ear Tags, 100/pk
  • For use with the ClarkBio Smart Tager
  • 5 Digits, Laser-Etched
  • Can be Sterilized at 135 Celsius
  • Tags are made of clinically proven metals, and the Ear tag strips are adhered with medical-grade exposed resin, which will not cause allergy or tissue damage.
  • Great for Small Animal Ear Tag and labeling
  • Research/Lab Animals including Mouse, Rats, Fish, etc.
  • Allows for continuous and fast application of ear tags to lab animals for the purpose of labeling, category, and management.
  • One single load of ear tag strips is able to label 10 animals. Easy, Fast and Efficient!
  • Single ear tag inside: 7/16" length x 9/64" height
  • Single ear tag outside: 9/16" length x 3/16" height x .140" width
  • Sold in packs of ST-201 (100 pcs), ST-202 (1000 pcs) and ST-203 (10000 pcs)

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