P3- PeriScientific Smart Pump Systems, 0.007-3100 mL/min, single head pump

The P3 - PeriScientific smart peristaltic pump is designed to meet your fluid transfer and dispensing needs with superior precision and accuracy, easy operation, and minimum maintenance. The ultra-bright 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen control panel interactively guides you at each step of the operation to set up sophisticated dispensing procedures in just seconds. In 4 different operation modes: Continuous Dispense Mode, Volume Dispense Mode, Repeat Dispense Mode, and Schedule Dispense Mode, the human-machine interface (HMI) accepts direct process parameter input and displays a readout of rotor speed, flow rate, dispensed volume, remaining time or elapsed time data all on one screen.

Equipped with 2 types of easy load pump heads: EZA-1 (general purpose) and EZA-2 (heavy duty), 8 tubing size selections: #14, #16, #25, #17, #18 for EZA-1 and #15, #24, #36 for EZA-2, this complete pump system provides a broad range of flow rates (0.007-3100 mL/min) along with transfer and dispense capabilities compatible with the most complex fluid properties. It is the one-stop choice for laboratory and industrial fluid transfer and dispensing applications.


  • Ultra-bright 4.3-inch LCD color touch screen control panel
  • Real-time display of critical process parameters including: rotor speed, flow rate, flow direction, dispensed volume, remaining time or elapsed time all on one screen
  • Intelligent calibration functions to ensure each individual fluid is transferred with the best accuracy/li>
  • Digital rotor angle control technology enables accurate and consistent volume and flow rate dispense and measurement
  • Built-in hard keys are ideal for instantaneous control, response, and interruption of the dispense process
  • Volume Dispense Mode: suitable for accurate liquid dosing, raw materials addition, and chemical or biological reaction process controls
  • Repeat Dispense Mode: suitable for repeated liquid dispensing and industrial production processes
  • High torque and low power loss rotor designed for multi-channel pump head with maximum dispensing capacities by a single drive
  • External communication capabilities: connections with remote control devices for system integration and automation
  • High performance engineered composite materials built for the best durability and corrosion resistance



Motor Speed, rpm 0.1- 600
Flow Rate (EZA-1), mL/min 0.007-2580
Flow Rate (EZA-2), mL/min 0.18-3100
Motor Speed Resolution, rpm 0.1
Flow Rate Resolution, mL/min 0.01
Maximum Outlet Pressure, psi/bar 39/2.7
Number of Rollers 4
Materials of Construction: Roller Stainless Steel
Materials of Construction: Housing ABS engineering plastics
Materials of Construction: EZA-1 PSF (polysulfone) 
Materials of Construction: EZA-2 PPS (Polyphenylene sulfide) 
Human-Machine Interface 4.3'' LCD color touchscreen
Power, W <80
Voltage, VAC 110
Frequency, Hz 50/60
Height, inch/mm 9.3/237
Width, inch/mm 6.2/157
Length, inch/mm 12.4/315
Drive Weight, Lbs/kg 11.0/5.0
Enclosure Protection Rating IP31
Relative Humidity of Operation <80%
Temperature of Operation, F/C 32-104/0-40
Compliance CE, RoHS
Communication Protocol MODBUS RS232/RS485
External Control Signal Inputs 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA