SKU: OEM-Shimadzu-228-48249-96
OEM Replacement Parts for Shimadzu 228-48249-96 Inlet Check Valve
$269.00 $367.00
  • This Brand New Replacement Parts for Shimadzu 228-48249-96 
  • It is OEM parts, not Shimadzu's original part. But same quality and function
  • 30 days money back warranty
  • Inlet Check Valve, LC-20AD/AB XR, LC-30ADSF/i-Series, LC-40D
  • Inlet check valve for i-Series, LC-20AD/AB XR, LC-30ADSF, LC-40D. Check valve (SEC IN - right pump head) for LC-20AT. Replaces 228-48249-91 and 228-45704-92.
  • Inventory and ship from the USA