SKU: AU17011-96
Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit (Pre-packaged), Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit

Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit (Pre-packaged) For isolation and purification of high-quality viral DNA / RNA from serum, plasma, swab preservation solution or various virus preservation solutions. Only available for lab on IVD application.

During the nucleic acid extraction process, the magnetic bead adsorption principle is used to adsorb, transfer, and purify nucleic acids through special magnetic beads to automatically complete the nucleic acid extraction.

Kits Packing list

  1. Pre-packaged Extraction Plate, 96 tests, 5 units
  2. 96-well tip comb (Stirring Sleeve),  1 unit
  3. 1XPBS buffer, 20 mL, 1 bottle

Other reagents needed but not supplied:  Absolute alcohol, Isopropyl alcohol

Storage and Expiry date

Proteinase K is stored at 4℃ for short time, long term storage at -20℃ and avoid repeated freezing and thawing. Other contents could be stored at room temperature. Expiry date is 12 months.