Hyper S300 Illuminator, 3000 hours lamp life
Hyper S300 Illuminator, 3000 hours lamp life Hyper S300 Illuminator, 3000 hours lamp life Hyper S300 Illuminator, 3000 hours lamp life
$3,999.00 $4,399.00

Hyper S300 is an ideal illuminator that can perfectly be operated with all major fluorescence microscope brands.

Hyper S300 Illuminator is a brand new design light source specifically made for fluorescence microscopes. Adapting the proprietary design 130-watt metal halide lamp The Hyper S300 delivers wide wavelength excitation energy while maintaining more than 3,000 usage hours

A powerful light source with an affordable selection. The illuminator equips with a pre-aligned lamp offers precise and consistent light output without the hassle of lamp adjustment.

Adjustable iris which allows the users to set multiple light outputs that fit all research occasions. 


  • Metal Halide Lamp with reflector:  A powerful light source: 130 W Metal Halide Lamp w/ reflector offers sufficient power in all research occasions
  • Pre-aligned lamp:  Easy maintenance; saves time on lamp replacement
  • Extra long-life lamp: Low maintenance fee 
  • Low photobleaching rate:  Increase the fluorescence cell sample survival rate
  • Full wavelength: Ideal for all fluorescence excitation
  • Rear light guide poot designed for scientific research: The new design is more in line with the research situation and easy to operate


  • The illumination system includes a Pre-aligned Metal Halide Lamp, and power cord, an operation manual; optional liquid light guide with a fluorescence microscope adaptor/collimator.
  • Lamp Proprietary 130 W metal halide Short Arc
  • Lamp life: 3000 hours
  • Power: 100V - 240V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Wamp-up period 90 seconds (typical)
  • Panel controls: Power on/off, intensity adjustment
  • Panel displays: Accumulated lamp usage, lamp status indicators
  • Dimensions (HxWxL) 9 x 5 x 14 inch
  • Weight 13 lbs
  • Warranty 2 years (excluding lamp and liquid light guide)
  • Liquid light guide (Optional): 1.2 M liquid light guide, Ø5 mm
  • Adapter/Collimator (Optional): Compatible with wide-field fluorescence microscopes from all major manufacturers