SKU: Disc-Pola-LED
Azzota® Disc Polarimeter - LED lamp

The Disc Polarimeter can be used in the chemical industry, hospitals, colleges, universities and scientific research for measuring the organic substances with optical rotation. With the aid of the disk polarimeter, the specific gravity, purity, concentration and content of active materials (such as sugar solution, turpentine oil or camphor) can be measured.

The New LED lamp can last 20,000 hours!


Features visual aim, manual measure, easy operation
Measuring range +/-180
Dial Venire Value in Reading 0.05
Accuracy +/-0.05
Sensitivity 0.05
Monochromatic Light Source LED lamp
Power Source 110V/60Hz 
Machine Weight 7 lbs
Packing Weight & Size 10 lbs  22x16x8 inch

Packing list

  • Disk Polarimeter: 1 set
  • Bubble Test Tube (100mm & 200mm): 1 Piece/each
  • Test Tube Protective Plat : 8 Pieces (spare)
  • Test Tube Rubber Washer : 10 Pieces (spare)
  • Small Screw Driver : 2 Pieces
  • Drier: 1 bag
  • Plastic Cover for the Instrument: 1 Piece
  • Fuse (3A): 4 Pieces