SKU: W-F1-1mg-500g
Azzota® Analytical Calibration Weights Set, ASTM Class F1, OIML F1, 0.001g-500g
  • Analytical Calibration Weights Set
  • ASTM Class F1 or OIML F1
  • 0.001g (1mg) to 500g, Total 24 pcs weights
  • Packed in Aluminum alloy case, with manufacture certificate
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Density: 7.9kg/cm 3 at 20°C
  • Two-piece screw-knob construction
  • 1mg to 20mg weights are sheet weights made of aluminum
  • 50 to 500mg weights are sheet weights made of steel
  • Low magnetic permeability
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Premium stainless steel
  • Electrolytic polishing ensures smooth, glossy surface
  • Magnetization and susceptibility of all weights are strictly controlled to ensure compliance with standards

Packing list

  • 1x 1mg weights
  • 2x 2mg weights
  • 1x 5mg weights
  • 1x 10mg weights
  • 2x 20mg weights
  • 1x 50mg weights
  • 1x 100mg weights
  • 2x 200mg weights
  • 1x 500mg weights
  • 1x 1g weights
  • 2x 2g weights
  • 1x 5g weights
  • 1x 10g weights
  • 2x 20g weights
  • 1x 50g weights
  • 1x 100g weights
  • 2x 200g weights
  • 1x 500g weights
  • 1x Metal tweezers
  • 1x Aluminum alloy case
  • 1x certificate of calibration