SKU: BHY-205001
Azzota® Evacuable Pellet Die Set, 13 mm, FTIR / KBr
Azzota® Evacuable Pellet Die Set, 13 mm, FTIR / KBr Azzota® Evacuable Pellet Die Set, 13 mm, FTIR / KBr

The AZZOTA Evacuable FTIR / KBr Pellet Dies are particularly well used to compact powdered samples into high-quality discs or briquettes for FTIR spectroscopic analysis (USLP and ASTM methods). The most commonly used die is of 13 mm diameter.

Evacuable pellet die set (BHY-205001) used to form 13 mm sample disks. Set includes evacuable FTIR Evacuable Pellet Dies / KBr Pellet Dies (BHY-205002), two 13 mm polished steel pellets (BHY-205003), 50mm Agate Mortar and Pestle (BHY-205004) and Magnetic Film Holder for 13-mm pellets and film samples (BHY-205005)


  • Ideal for IR sample preparation.
  • High quality KBr pellets.
  • Idea for pressing FTIR / KBr disks for IR analysis.
  • Compatible with all standard laboratory presses using stand-alone dies.
  • Vacuum hose attachment enables a vacuum pump to be hooked up to the die before and during pressing to withdrawal air and moisture from the sample.
  • Maximum load up to 600 bars (8,700 psi).
  • All dies are made of hardened stainless steel, designed for ease of disassembly and maintenance, and can be easily cleaning.
  • Each die consists of a 13 mm cylinder (the surfaces that come in contact with the samples are mirror polished), a base with vacuum outlet, a base O-ring, a plunger with an O-ring, two mirror polished anvils, and an ejector.
  • All parts are available for replacement separately

  • Other shapes and sizes available, please contact us for more info!