SKU: AZ00001-05075
WelFlash Flash Column SiO2-Ⅱ, Irregular Silica, 220g, 6/pk
  • Flash Chromatography, Flash column, Flash Cartridges, Irregular Silica, SiO2-Ⅱ, 220g
  • WelFlash column is a quick and (usually) easy way to separate complex mixtures of compounds
  • It is widely applied to organic compounds, natural products, biomacromolecule and any other active substances.
  • Homogeneous particle and pore size, special bonding technique  
  • Perfect result reproducibility, best performance
  • All types of packing materials and specifications
  • Polypropylene tube and joint to tolerate the column pressure of fast chromatography
  • Provide abundant applications
  • Easy operation, low cost, fast separation and low back pressure
  • Pack of 6