SKU: PG-SLI-1000
PreciGenome Liquid Flow Sensor, Max Range 1000ul/min
High accuracy liquid mass flow sensors for ultra low flow rate monitoring and flow rate close loop control for accurate sample delivery for your microfluidic system.  

Flow Rate Sensor Specifications:
  • Repeatability: below 1% of the measured value
  • Fast response time down to 40 ms
  • Maximum flow rate for water-based liquids: 1000 ul/min
  • Inert wetted materials: glass, PEEK, and fluoropolymer
  • Maximum recommended operating pressure: up to 50 bar depending on flow range
  • IP65 water and dust protection
  • Interface Type: I2C
  • Thermal flow rate sensor from Sensirion™ inside
  • Sensor Type: Flow, Liquid