PreciGenome Droplet Generation System PG-DG
PreciGenome Droplet Generation System PG-DG  can be used for rapid preparation of water-in-oil or oil-in-water droplets. It generates droplets stable, fast and effectively. The droplets are highly uniform in diameter (CV 0.1-5%). The number and diameter of the droplets can be adjusted according to users’ requirements.

System Specs:
  • Pressure sensor accuracy of ±0.25 %FSS BFSL (Full-Scale Span Best Fit Straight Line), sensor resolution: 0.0061 %
  • Pressure stability: 0.005 %
  • Liquid flow rate monitoring and control with external flow rate sensor(optional)
  • Flow rate repeatability: below 1% of the measured value
  • Highest sensitivity down to <1 µl/min

System Includes​:
  1. ​​​PG-MFC-LT-2Ch controller, 1PC
  2. Reservoir kit 15ml, 2Sets
  3. PDMS chips 4channels, 1PC
  4. Tubing & connectors
  5. Liquid flow sensor (optional)
  6. High-speed imaging system with illuminations (optional)