PreciGenome Automated Multi-Channel Perfusion System, Pressure Driven
PreciGenome perfusion system is a convenient tool for a variety of applications, such as multi-reagent delivery, culturing cells at microscales, etc. It allows control over microenvironmental cues, such as cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions; the potential to scale experiments; the use of small culture volumes; and the ability to integrate with microsystem technologies for on-chip experimentation. It allows precise and on-demand delivery and removal of biochemical reagent in the extracellular microenvironment, and controlled application of mechanical forces exerted via fluid flow.

Many perfusion applications, such as organ-on-a-chip and cell culture, require switching between multiple reagents.  Combining PG-MFC pressure controller with a rotary valve, our system enables users to do multiple reagent switching. Our careful selected rotary valve has small internal channels (low dead volume) and an accurate positioning system which makes it ideal for precise liquid handling. Our system achieves fast switching without pushing a large amount of reagent to clean up the previous reagent during switching. Connected with a flow sensor, the system is capable of maintaining a constant flow rate through the feedback loop during the course of their experiments.

System Specs:​
  • 2 Independent pressure channels
  • Max 2 sets of perfusion units running simultaneously
  • Reservoir volume: 15mL/50ml/1.5ml, larger volume options also available
  • Manifold: 10 to 1
  • Liquid flow rate: from 10nL/min to 5 ml/min
  • Dead volume: 4.5uL excluding the outlet tubing volume

System includes:
  1. PG-MFC-LT-2CH controller, 1PC
  2. Rotary valve, One 10 to 1, 1PC
  3. Reservoir kits (15mL, 50ml or 1.5ml reservoir volume), 5 Sets
  4. Liquid flow rate sensor (optional)
  5. Tubings and Fittings