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Wide variety of glass pH and ORP electrodes in
  • We supply wide variety of glass pH and ORP electrodes that meet the demands of most applications.
  • In addition to our standard models that work in general applications, we also offer models that utilize ground glass joints for dirty applications that might clog the electrode, semi-micro designs intended for applications where the sample is in small vessels like test tubes, and others that are able to be completely disassembled for easy cleaning like our pHastrode design.
  • If you cannot find the glass pH or ORP electrode that you are looking for here, send us a email or call.
  • We supply following Electrodes:


  • Glass pH/ORP
  • Plastic pH/ORP
  • pH/ORP Stems
  • Reference
  • Conductivity
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Ion Selective
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