SKU: C-1399-5mg
E-7046 Chemical Formula: C22H18F5N3O4 Molecular Weight: 483.41
  • Catalog#: C-1399
  • Targets: PGE2
  • Synonym: E-7046; E7046; E 7046
  • Chemical Name/IUPAC:4-[(1S)-1-[[[3-(difluoromethyl)-1-methyl-5-[3-(trifluoromethyl)phenoxy]-1H-pyrazol-4-yl]carbonyl]amino]ethyl]-benzoic acid
  • SMILES Code: OC(C1=CC=C([C@H](C)NC(C2=C(OC3=CC=CC(C(F)(F)F)=C3)N(C)N=C2C(F)F)=O)C=C1)=O

Technical Data

  • Product Name: E-7046
  • Chemical Formula: C22H18F5N3O4
  • Molecular Weight: 483.41
  • CAS#: 1369489-71-3
  • Purity: > 99% by HPLC
  • Solubility: Soluble in DMSO
  • Storage: Room temperature for months, or -20ºC for 3 years


E-7046 is a specific antagonist of the type 4 prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) receptor EP4. It possesses significant antitumor growth activity in multiple preclinical tumor models through modulating myeloid cells, including tumor-associated macrophages and myeloid-derived suppressor cells.1 E7046 is being evaluated in cancer models and clinical trials, alone or in combination with other immunotherapeutic compounds.