SKU: C-1323-5mg
VE-822 (VX-970) Chemical Formula: C24H25N5O3S Solid Powder
  • Catalog#: C-1323
  • Targets: ATR
  • Synonym: VE822; VE-822; VE 822; VX970; VX-970; VX 970
  • Chemical Name/IUPAC:5-(4-(isopropylsulfonyl)phenyl)-3-(3-(4-((methylamino)methyl)phenyl)isoxazol-5-yl)pyrazin-2-amine
    Technical Data
  • Product Name: VE-822 (VX-970)
  • Chemical Formula: C24H25N5O3S
  • Molecular Weight: 463.55
  • CAS#: 1232416-25-9
  • Purity: > 99% by HPLC
  • Solubility: Soluble in DMSO
  • Storage: Room temperature for months, or -20ºC for 3 years
    VE-822 (VX-970) is a potent ATR inhibitor. VE-822 decreased maintenance of cell-cycle checkpoints, increased persistent DNA damage and decreased homologous recombination in irradiated cancer cells.