SKU: C-1250-10mg
PD-0332991 (Palbociclib) Chemical Formula: C24H29N7O2 Solid Powder
  • Catalog#: C-1250
  • Targets: CDK
  • Synonym: PD-0332991; PD 0332991; PD0332991; Palbociclib free base; Ibrance.
  • Chemical Name/IUPAC:6-acetyl-8-cyclopentyl-5-methyl-2-((5-(piperazin-1-yl)pyridin-2-yl)amino)pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidin-7(8H)-one
    Technical Data
  • Product Name: PD-0332991 (Palbociclib)
  • Chemical Formula: C24H29N7O2
  • Molecular Weight: 447.54
  • CAS#: 571190-30-2 (free base)
  • Appearance: Solid powder
  • Purity: > 99% by HPLC
  • Solubility: Soluble in DMSO
  • Storage: Room temperature for months, or -20ºC for 3 years
    PD-0332991 (Palbociclib) is an orally available cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) inhibitor with potential antineoplastic activity. PD-0332991 selectively inhibits cyclin-dependent kinase 4 (CDK4) and 6 (CDK6), thereby inhibiting retinoblastoma (Rb) protein phosphorylation early in the G1 phase leading to cell cycle arrest. This suppresses DNA replication and decreases tumor cell proliferation. CDK4 and 6 are serine/threonine kinases that are upregulated in many tumor cell types and play a key role in the regulation of cell cycle progression.