SKU: 1852-SB1-D1
  • Lab Bioreagents StrongBlocks (I, II, III) are newly developed blocking buffers that provides exceptional performance and broad compatibility for Western blot, ELISA, IHC and nucleic acid detection assays The blocking buffer is to block excess binding sites on the micro-plate for reducing non-specific binding signal, by which the assay sensitivity and specificity are improved.
  • As many factors can influence nonspecific binding, there is no single blocking buffer that is ideal for each assay.
  • For example, depending on the recognition of detection probes from different assays, one individual blocking buffer may cross-react with detection probe. StrongBlocks (I, II, III) are a variety of buffers designed by different blocker components.
  • During the assay, the test different blocking buffers helps to develop a immunoassay with low background noise and high signal-to-noise.
  • Other sizes available upon request.